Scratch Cards

Scratch cards got their big start when various states in the United States started using them in their state lotteries in the 1980s. Scratch cards are used now in lotteries in countries around the world and have even made the transition to the Internet. For the uninitiated, scratch cards are pieces of cardboard printed with little squares covered by little bits of silver coating. What lies behind these scratchable surfaces is what stands between the player and a real-money prize.

Scratch cards are known by many names, including “scratch-off cards” and “scratch-and-win cards.” Scratch cards have been used for many purposes in addition to national lotteries and in online casinos. Many charity organizations print and sell scratch cards for their own fundraising purposes. And private companies may use scratch cards as “come-ons,” giving them away for free in magazines and other publications as an attractive introduction to their product.

Until recently, scratch cards were bought in grocery stores and other points of sale in which lottery tickets could be purchased. They are the easiest and cheapest game of chance you can play. Online scratch cards are virtual versions of the cards you buy at your local store or kiosk — they are a neater and faster version of a favourite gambling game. But there’s nothing virtual about the money you can win playing scratch card online.

Lotteries have been around for ages — keno, for instance, is a version of the lottery dating back to ancient China. Scratch cards are a more modern form of the lottery. But whereas traditional lotteries usually involved waiting (waiting in the store to buy your ticket and then waiting for days until the actual draw occurs), scratch cards offer instant gratification. All you have to do is buy a card, scratch off the top layer, reveal the amounts or symbols beneath the coating, and you can tell if you have a winning scratch card.

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